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Wiseguys Dollars FAQ's

What are Wiseguys Dollars?

Wiseguys Dollars are rewards points you earn as a result of shopping at Wiseguys, contributing to the Wiseguys site and referring others to Wiseguys. Wiseguys Dollars can be redeemed for discounts (including up to 100% discounts!) on any product available in store.

How can I earn Wiseguys Dollars?

To earn Wiseguys Dollars you must first be a registered user (i.e. not a guest account). Becoming a registered user is easy and free, you can sign up here: Join Wiseguys. Once you have registered, you can earn Wiseguys Dollars in the following ways:

By buying any product over $10 in value at Wiseguys: the number of Wiseguys Dollars earned will be displayed underneath the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page.

By writing a review on any product at Wiseguys: you will earn 15 Wiseguys Dollars for writing a product review on Wiseguys. To write a review go to the ‘Write a Review’ section in the ‘Review’ tab on each product page. To add a review you need to be a registered user, logged in and have purchased the product you are reviewing.

By sharing Wiseguys pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+: earn 10 Wiseguys Dollars by liking or sharing one of our products / pages on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. To share a product / page use the share tool located on each category and product page. Please note that you need to be logged in to earn sharing rewards and you will only earn Wiseguys Dollars for a maximum of 1 share per day.

By referring people to Wiseguys: Please refer to the Refer a Friend FAQs for more information.

How can I redeem Wiseguys Dollars?

To redeem Wiseguys Dollars you have earned, first make sure you are logged in, then go to the shopping cart page where there will be an section to 'Spend Your Wiseguys Dollars' (it's just below the 'Calculate Shipping' section).

You can use the slider in this section to get a discount off your order, or if you have enough Wiseguys Dollars, get your order (excluding the shipping) completely FREE!

What is a single Wiseguys Dollar worth?

$10 Wiseguys Dollars = $1 New Zealand Dollar.

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