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Refer a Friend FAQs

What is the Wiseguys Refer a Friend Programme?

Be referring a friend or someone you know to Wiseguys, you will earn commission in the form of Wiseguys Dollars on every purchase they make! In other words, once a Wiseguys member has been identified as your Referral when they sign up, you can sit back and earn rewards for every purchase they then make on the site.

How does it work?

  1. Login or create an account with Wiseguys
  2. Go to the My Referrals page in the My Account section
  3. Using the referral codes and links provided, use 1 or all of the following methods to refer friends or people you know:
    • Post a referral URL – post your personalised referral link on facebook, twitter, forums or other websites and when someone follows this link and signs up at Wiseguys, they are then your Referral for as long as they shop at Wiseguys.
    • Give people your Referral Code or Referral Email – provide people you know with your personalised referral code or email and if someone enters this code or email into the ‘Referral Code’ field when they sign up they are then your Referral for as long as they shop at Wiseguys.
    • Send an email inviteUse the ‘Send Invitations’ form on the My Referrals page to send en email invite people you know. Anytime someone with the email you have invited then signs up to the store they are then your Referral for as long as they shop at Wiseguys.
  4. Sit back and relax and watch your referrals earn Wiseguys Dollars for you that you can redeem for discounts and free products!

How many Wiseguys Dollars do I earn as commission from one of my Referral’s purchases?

When one of your Referrals makes a purchase, you earn 100% of the Wiseguys Dollars that they earn as part of our Wiseguys Dollars Rewards System.

E.g if your Referral purchases an item worth $100, they will earn 10 Wiseguys Dollars and you will also earn 10 Wiseguys Dollars.

After my Referral makes a purchase, how soon before I receive the Wiseguys Dollars I earn from referring them?

Your referral commissions are made available in your account once your Referral’s order has been paid. In other words, straight away.

How will I know when one of my referrals makes a purchase?

Each time one of your Referrals make a purchase and you earn Wiseguys Dollars you will be notified by email. You can also check the status of your Referral activity by visiting the My Referrals page in the My Account section.

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