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Product Warranties

No dodgy parallel imports! All products listed on Wiseguys are backed by the full manufacturer’s warranty

As Wiseguys only deals direct with the manufacturers or their authorised NZ agents all of the products listed on Wiseguys are backed by the full factory warranty.

* As of July 2013, we now carry a small selection of parallel imported mobile phones and cameras (less than 100 products out of the 40,000+ products we sell). We stock these parallel imported products only because some brands are either unwilling to deal with smaller retailers like us for certain product lines, or the price gap between parallel imported products and locally supplied products is too great that people don't want to buy the locally sourced products. All of our parallel imports are clearly marked and come with a 12 month factory equivalent warranty.

Duration of warranty

As warranty periods for various products and brands can differ, the warranty period offered by the manufacturer is displayed on the ‘Description’ tab of each product page.

Because some of the manufacturers and distributors we work with don't provide us with easy access to the manufacturer warranty period information to display on our site, some warranty periods displayed on our site may be indicative. That's why we put '...or Full Manufacturer Warranty Period' after each warranty period detailed on individual product pages. In these scenarios Wiseguys will honour the actual manufacturer’s warranty period. If in doubt, please visit the manufacturer’s website for confirmation on the actual warranty period for a product.

Hassle free warranty claims with nationwide courier pick up or ‘drop off’ option

Although Wiseguys is an online only store that doesn’t mean making a warranty claim has to be a drama. If you are based in Auckland, products can be dropped off at our Mt Wellington office. If you live outside of Auckland or if it is simply more convenient, Wiseguys can arrange the pick up of your item via courier. See our Returning a Product page for more info.

Return to Base (RTB)

Wiseguys will cover the cost of returning a product that is damaged during transit, faulty within 7 days of delivery or where the incorrect product has been supplied. Visit our Returning a Product page for more info.

For products that develop a fault after this time but are still within the manufacturer or extended warranty period, ‘Return to Base’ conditions apply which means it is the purchaser’s responsibility to cover the cost of returning the faulty product to Wiseguys or the manufacturer so a warranty claim can be processed. In this scenario Wiseguys can help out by arranging a pick up for you and providing discounted courier tickets for you to purchase.

Please note that many large brands will deal direct to you the end user for any warranty claims and may offer onsite repair services or access to warranty service centres in a more convenient location than the Wiseguys Auckland based office. If dealing with the manufacturer directly is more convenient than returning your product to us for warranty repairs then we encourage you to do so.

Extended Warranties

To learn more about extending the standard manufacturer’s warranty please visit our Extended Warranties page.

Making a warranty claim

Please visit our Returning a Product page for more information on making a warranty claim or returning a product.

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